A Review Of The RC650C Hydraulic Water Drilling Machine

The following borehole water drilling machine specifications were taken from the manufacture’s website and tested for the highest level of efficiency. All borehole machines need to be carefully configured before the operation, as they all have different primary and secondary operating modes and a wide variety of operating fluids. This is because each one has a specific task to perform and requires a specific fluid for complete function.


All the main components are located on a single platform. This model features a threaded borehole-feed mechanism that allows the auger to be placed at any angle. It can also be manually adjusted as required and is the same as most other models. The rig is held in place by two hydrostatic strut braces, while a remote hydraulic motor drives the hydraulic crawler-mounted water well drilling rig. This rig assembly is housed in a custom-built aluminum housing.


The borehole water drilling rig chassis is constructed from high-quality polyethylene. The engine is an electric compressor based on a 12v AC synchronous motor with a variable voltage option. All the electrical accessories including the main power cable, the hydraulic system, the remote control, the borehole pumps, the borehole water system, and the mud pump are housed in an aluminum criss-cross style. All fittings and hoses are powder coated for long-lasting performance.