All About the HP Elite Dragonfly Laptop

The HP Elite Dragonfly is your new tool for working smarter, not harder. With an extremely lightweight design, the HP Elite Dragonfly provides a new kind of mobility to those on the go. This beautifully engineered, ultra-portable business convertible laptop in an exciting blue finish comes with ultra-slim, high-end security, and protection to keep you productive and safe where the day takes you. With a long-range mobility feature that allows it to be taken from job to job, the Elite Dragonfly helps you accomplish your business goals with extra space, lighter weight, and extra mobility. These are the kinds of features that make the Elite Dragonfly one of the most well-rounded, all-around business laptops on the market today.


The Elite Dragonfly has all the features you would expect from a full-sized laptop, such as a full-stroke keyboard, large touch screen, wide-screen viewing, excellent audio quality, and a rich, colorful display. But, the Elite series goes even further by also including several innovations that make the laptop lighter and more portable. For example, the aluminum “chin” that protects the screen from bumps and scratches means there’s no worry about getting a scuff mark or any sort of blemish on your screen. It’s all created with a high-grade aerospace aluminum material.


Another important innovation to the Elites is their mobility optimized durability. All HP Elites are designed with an ergonomic design, making them some of the lightest and most comfortable notebook computers available. Ergonomic notebooks are known for their ability to be both comfortable and sturdy, meaning you can carry them anywhere you like and still be productive and happy. HP has designed the Elites to be at home in any workplace, on any trip, or at home. You can use it at work, at play, or even on the road with no problems. Because they weigh less than four pounds, they’re great for people who want to enjoy the benefits of a desktop PC, but don’t need the size.


Speaking of size, it’s not exaggerated to say the Elites are small. They’re only a bit bigger than the average-sized notebook. In fact, they’re so small, some people might mistake them for a Palm pre-installed mobile phone. In addition, the Elites offer the same power and performance as other full-sized laptops, including solid-state hard drives, quad-core processors, terabytes of memory, and up to four USB ports.


Speaking of power, the Elites pack a punch. Not only do they offer the same power as other full-size notebooks, but they also include a powerful yet underutilized secondary battery. This feature lets you use the notebook for hours at a time without having to worry about recharging. And for those times when you do run out of juice, the built-in charger will automatically kick into action to give you hours of use in just one charge.


For those who are worried about portability, you don’t have to worry. The Elites are small enough to tuck into a briefcase or purse and are nearly as secure as carrying your laptop around. When not in use, they are completely stable and easy to carry. If you want a full-fledged desktop replacement, the HP Elite Dragonfly is definitely worth considering.