Company Graphic Design Mistakes Can Cost You

When you are in the business of graphic design, your mistakes will be seen by others. This is a reality that you must deal with if you are serious about making a good impression on potential clients and employers alike. Graphic Design is not just about coming up with a concept to express your thoughts on a product. There is a lot more to graphic design than simply thinking up a bunch of new graphics. While it may be fun to come up with the best-looking poster, it is very important that you do not leave these graphic design mistakes in the final file. When you are working with your client to get a business card or sign designed, make sure that you do not make any of the following mistakes:


o Company Logo Mistake – The company logo is the face of the company. You are representing the company when you use the company logo in your own graphics. If this is not done properly, you could come off as cheap and put a poor image of the company behind your work. Even though your company may have many other employees, it is always better to make sure that all of your efforts represent the company in the best light possible.


o Company Title Mistake – Do not put any company names in your graphic designs. When people see the graphic, they will immediately know who the company is. This is a critical step in getting a business sign on an individual’s desk. Company names can often get lost in a sea of images. It is important that you make sure that all of your efforts in the design are appropriate.


o Company Mailing Mistake – Avoids having company mailings with the same template. Everyone has seen the many examples of companies that have mailings that look exactly like the template that is included with every other product that is available on the market. When you have mailings, it is imperative that you change this pattern to something that is unique. This is a crucial mistake because customers will feel that your business understands them and is willing to go above and beyond to provide them with the service that they deserve.


o Company Logo Mistake – The logo of your company is very important for brand recognition and advertising purposes. If you have made graphic design errors in this area, you will not have a professional logo that represents your company well. You will also have lost customers and clients in terms of advertisements. There is absolutely no room for errors in the graphic design of your company logo and you will be losing money, not gaining it.


The importance of making sure that all of the mistakes that you make do not reflect negatively on your company cannot be overstated. These mistakes can cause your company to look bad in a negative way and it is important that you get them corrected as soon as possible. When you do this, your company will appear more professional and your customers will recognize it as they are browsing through the internet or checking in at your business’s front desk.