Cruising Gear – What to Wear on a Motorcycle

When you get ready to hit the road, you will likely be in your motorcycle riding gear for a variety of reasons. You may be going out for a long-distance ride, a simple road trip, or just a quick getaway on a weekend for weekend. Regardless of why you are going out on your motorcycle, you want to have everything that you need and want to have when you are on the road. So what should you wear to wear when you are on a motorcycle?

First, it is important that you choose the proper gear for your particular situation. Helmets are perhaps the single most important piece of motorcycle gear that you will wear. They protect the head from serious head injuries in case of an accident and avoid fatal head injuries to the entire body if you crash. Many helmets have become quite versatile depending upon their usage, for example, dirt bike riders and motocross riders now wear helmets that very different from each other, although they are still quite similar in shape and design. The helmet is the only piece of motorcycle riding gear that you can completely control when you are on a bike. It can either stay secured to your head or be ridden open in order to protect your face and exposed parts of the body.


One of the other important pieces of motorcycle gear for today’s bikers is the jacket. For years jackets have been used for protection against the elements, but in the last few years, they have also become fashionable clothing. Jackets can provide warmth and protection, are great for riding in cold conditions, can help to keep the wind away, and most importantly, are a functional and necessary piece of motorcycle gear that every biker should own. Jackets range from very basic and functional designs to jackets that are designed with a certain style or logo that is meant to make a statement. If you want to stand out from the crowd choose a jacket that shows your personality or you could go for something more unique.


Another essential piece of motorcycle gear is a set of leathers. Leathers provide ultimate comfort and are also highly sought-after gear by riders. There are different kinds of leathers that provide different benefits, and some of them include light-colored leathers for protection in the wind, thicker leathers for increased protection when you are involved in an accident or another kind of rough weather, brown leathers for casual riding, and everyday wear, and black leathers for protection purposes. These kinds of leathers come in different sizes and thicknesses and you need to buy a pair that fits you perfectly. Some people prefer to ride in thicker leathers while others prefer the thinner ones, there is no right or wrong answer as long as it keeps you comfortable.


Another important piece of cruiser motorcycle gear that you will need to purchase is helmets. Helmets protect the rider from any injuries that can occur in an accident. When buying a helmet, keep in mind what kind of riding style you are going to practice and how often. If you are going to be doing time on a long ride then it would be wise to invest in a good quality helmet.


One other important piece of motorcycle gear that you should have on hand is a pair of motorcycle gloves. Gloves provide the necessary protection for your hands in case of an accident. Also, they help to maintain good hand/foot breathing and ventilation around the wrists. Ventilation is important because it helps you prevent overheating which can be very dangerous during long rides.