GFK-160 Perfume Bottle Oil Fillers

GFK-160 Perfume Bottle Oil Fillers


The GFK-160 Perfume Bottle Oil Liquid Filling Machine is a very unique creation from GFK, the world leader in innovative and high quality fragrances. GFK-160 is the worlds only patented liquid perfume filling machine. This machine is designed to create consistent, high quality perfumes from a wide range of oils. The GFK-160 Perfume Bottle Oil Liquid Filling Machine is a revolutionary new addition to the industry.


The GFK-160 is a unique liquid distillation system that allows for the use of vegetable oil. Vegetable oils are the preferred choice due to their ability to be mass produced. They have fewer calories per dollar than other oils, but they offer superior quality to petroleum based oils. The machine creates five different types of fragrance oils. Each type has it’s own unique scent and is very well suited for a particular fragrance. This machine can create an unlimited amount of perfumes by simply filling up the bottles with your favorite fragrance oils.


GFK-160 Perfume Bottle Oil Fillers is not only useful for creating amazing scents, but as a cost effective way to fill individual bottles. There is no need for expensive, single serve pouches or pumps. You can easily add more bottles to the machines to increase your options. You will never have to worry about running out of liquid anytime because you can always refill a GFK-160. There are no worries about running out of fragrance or oil either. You simply put more liquid into the machine, run the button and your machine will refill the bottles with whatever liquid you desire.


GFK-160 Perfume Bottle Oil Fillers is easy to use. All you need to do is simply place the liquid inside and run the button. As soon as the liquid hits the machine, it will be immediately vaporized. This process is so fast that you won’t even notice it happening. The aroma will be distributed through the entire bottle. A nice fragrance will be created and your favorite liquid will be at your fingertips when you need it.


The GFK-160 Perfume Bottle Oil Fillers is very safe to use. They work exactly like the original pump refill machines that are used by bottle stores everywhere. This is a great way to create wonderful smelling products that your customers will love. It’s very simple and easy to use. Your customers will be happy that you made the choice to refill using these machines instead of those old-fashioned pumps. YTK-MPF4 Liquid Filling Machine


The GFK-160 Perfume Bottle Oil Fillers is inexpensive and will allow you to produce great smelling bottles of liquid perfume without having to go to the expense of buying new bottles. These refill kits are great for people who want to have their own line of great smelling products. You don’t have to invest in expensive bottles of liquid perfume. By using this machine, you can create high quality bottles of all different kinds of liquid perfumes. The machines are designed to be user friendly and anyone can use them easily without having to have any kind of experience with the refilling process.