How to Make a Wholesale Zigzag Sofa Spring Making Coil

Making a wholesale zigzag sofa spring-making coil is one of the most common ways to design a new sofa. If you want to make a custom-made one, that is even better. When looking at designs for wholesale zigzag sofa spring-making coil, think about the shape and cutouts of the sofa and also where you would like to place it. Once you know the basic shapes and measurements of the sofa, it is just a matter of picking out the fabric and embellishments for your wholesale zigzag sofa spring-making coil.


The fabric you will use is very important because not all types of fabric are good for this type of sofa. You also have to consider the texture because the feel of the fabric as it stretches and gives when pulled across the frame is important. Another thing to consider is the color scheme of the wholesale zigzag sofa spring-making coil. Some colors look better together than others. If you are making the sofa at home, then you can simply put the fabric over the metal frame with elastic from the local Home Depot. If you are going to order it online, then you will need to make sure that you have enough fabric to completely cover the frame and the edges of the zigzag sofa spring-making coil.


When you are ready to sew the spring-making coil onto the sofa, you can use an iron with a steam iron attachment. This will give you the most professional-looking result. You can use a hot iron to give the fabric a light coat of finishing to seal the seams. If you are having trouble using an iron, then you can use a sewing machine to make the spring-making coil but be aware that the fabric may pill off and ruin your fabric-covered sofa.