Upgrade Your Macbook Pro With the Latest Technology

For those who know the old saying, “you get what you pay for,” the MACBOOK PRO 13 laptop may be worth a look. This product offers many of the same features as the older MACBOOKS, but it comes at a price that may put some people off. That price, however, is justified by the technology and performance that are provided. Many laptops are equipped with only a standard single track record wheel. In contrast, the MacBook PRO 13 laptops come with a double trackwheel. This allows a greater degree of control when it comes to working on your files or documents.


One of the best selling features of the new MacBook PRO series is the USB port. With this port, it is possible to transfer files from one computer to another quickly and easily. With the USB port, even files as large as five gigabytes can be transferred at a rate of over 8 times faster than with a traditional USB drive. Although many other laptops have a USB port, none have the high rate of transfer that comes with the MacBook. Transferring information at these speeds will allow you to work with your files and documents with less worry about getting frustrated.


The new MacBook Air also offers built-in security. While not a full-featured tool, the touch id sensor located on the bottom right corner of the screen makes entering your credit card information very convenient. You simply place the card in the reader and then log into your account on the internet using your fingerprint to log into your account. This security measure is great for business owners who need to protect sensitive information but are loathe to give out their pin number. The built-in touch id is also convenient when you are on the go, as you never have to take your wallet out of your pocket or purse to place your card into the reader.


Another feature found on the new MacBook air that sets it apart from other netbooks is its brightness and color gamut. Laptops have only been designed to display colors within a range of approximately gray to black. With the MacBook air, however, the color gamut has been expanded. Rather than being limited to monochromatic colors like the older laptops, the newer MacBook Air now offers a wide range of color options, ranging from warm, natural colors like brown to vibrant blues, greens, and yellows. This expanded color gamut even includes tints, which make the screen more colorful and allow the colors to pop more naturally.


When comparing the new MacBook air to older netbooks, it is important to note the difference in memory capacity. Older systems could only accommodate a max of two gigabytes of memory. The newest MacBook air can easily accommodate up to four gigabytes, which allows for many more applications and data storage than the older systems. The addition of two gigabytes of memory also allows for the increase of video memory, which enables the user to download and view videos with higher quality and better colors. The increase in processor speed allows the computer to process more information at once, increasing the user’s productivity.


Unlike the older laptops, the new MacBook Air includes an Intel Core Duo processor, which is a significant upgrade over the older dual-core processors that were included with the previous generation of laptops. In addition, unlike the older netbooks, the new MacBook Air includes an upgraded graphics chip. The graphics card on the laptop gives the user a truly interactive experience in terms of visuals. These upgrades offer consumers the latest in technology available on a laptop. With these features and additional advancements, the new MacBook Air is the perfect laptop for individuals who are looking for a modern laptop that includes the best of technology.