V5-30F Strong Acid Liquid Filling Machine

V5-30F Strong Acid Liquid Filling Machine


The V5-30F strong acid filler machine is used to fill plastic bottles with a high level of acid, resulting in hydrating the plastic and ensuring that the products are free from any kind of micro-organisms. The use of this filling machine offers many advantages over other methods of filling plastic. It uses a high level of concentrated acid to do the job and it has no harmful gases or by-products produced during the filling process. Thus it can be used for a wide variety of applications.


The V5-30F strong acid liquid filler machine uses a closed pumping system. This means that the pump does not move air during the filling process. This ensures that the product inside is hydrated continuously. The pump also ensures that the plastic stays in its fixed position and does not spill out during use. This kind of pumping action ensures that the high levels of acid in the plastic do not escape and this helps to prevent leakage of toxic gases that cause harmful side effects like corrosion, rusting and off-gassing.


The V5-30F plastic filler machine is ideal for all kinds of industries that manufacture plastic products. It helps to fill polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and these are generally used as containers for food and drinks products. The machine also helps to fill PET bottles used for packaging batteries. These are generally used in the automotive, chemical, medical and petrochemical industries. The machine can be operated manually or electronically.


The V5-30F strong acid liquid filling machine can work in two modes manual and automatic. In the manual mode, the operator places the container and applies force along the seams of the plastic to draw the tapered end of the plastic. This is a very slow process and takes some time to complete the task. Also, there is a danger of spilling of hot filling fluid if this process is not strictly followed.


The automatic mode of the machine is similar to the automatic mixing system of the V5-30F strong acid liquid filling machine. This machine also requires force for filling the containers. The only difference between the automatic mixing machine and the manual machine is that, this machine is fitted with a solenoid. This type of machine works on the principle of electrical current. This is a much faster method of filling the strong acid terephthalate and leads to less time wastage of the product. Automatic Liquid Filling Machine


The V5-30F strong acid liquid filling machine comes with an installation kit. This kit includes the plastic container, the preloaded injecting mechanism and the syringe assembly. There is also an instructional manual that comes along with the machine. All you need to do is follow the instructions contained in the manual thoroughly before you install the machine.