Why God Does Not Answer Some Prayers

We are often bothered by the fact, “Why God doesn’t answer some prayers,” because it’s such a painful and stubborn feeling to not be answered by our Lord. If you are not an open and giving prayer listener, then how can you expect God to answer your prayers if they are not what you want them to be? Why should God be so willing to help you if you are not going to ask Him for help? Prayers are powerful.


They are powerful because we have been conditioned in this fallen world to believe that our prayers are not important or effective. When we pray and ask for God’s help, He knows exactly what we are asking for. He knows our wants and He gives us His answer. He uses His Word to take us from where we are to where we want to be. That’s why He gives us His word as guidance and instruction.


Those who question the answering of “why God doesn’t answer some prayers,” have been conditioned by society and the church to think that answers are given when we are at prayer. We are told to just “pray” and God will answer our needs. But that is only one answer. There may be others, and if we want to know why God doesn’t answer some prayers, we must look at the answers that He gives to us.


The first thing to understand is that He does not answer with price or favor. This is the kind of answer we expect from someone who claims to speak for God. Price is used because it makes us want to buy something to satisfy our thirst for knowledge. Knowledge, in the form of answers to our prayers, is very important and we would like to get it very quickly. But God does not answer with price or favor.


The answer to the question “why God does not answer some prayers?” is found within the heart of God. We have to go into the heart of God and find out what He really wants from us. We have to find our own place in God’s plan, and then we will see the answer to the question “why God does not answer some prayers.”


When we pray and ask for His help, we are asking for His help for all things. He has promised that we would indeed receive His presence, peace, and deliverance. The best place for us to find our answer to the question, “Why God does not answer some prayers,” is in His throne room. But first, we must enter into God’s throne room and get His answer from Him!