Wire reel winding machine mirco coil

Wire Reel Wiring Machine


Wire reel winding machine has been known to perform several functions, which are important in the industrial world. This is because this equipment has many features that a spinning machine does not have and these allow the users of the equipment to create a variety of designs for their business. In the manufacturing industry, wire reel winding machines are used to manufacture several products, such as wire baskets, wire brushes, wire ropes, wire clips and even wire ties among other things. The machines work by having the user feed or wind the wire into the machine. As the wire is wound, it will be either fed into the machine, where it will be spun around and ground or pushed into another reel for storage. Machine for Winding Magnetic Loop at Low Speed


The number of reels will depend on the amount of wire that will need to be fed or spun around in order to get the desired results. The size of the machine will also determine the number of reels. Some machines will have as many as thirty reels while others will have as few as fifteen. Depending on the needs of the manufacturer, the number of reels can go up or down. The machines will usually be classified by size and will be labeled as small, medium or large in size.


In order to use a wire reel winding machine, the first step will be to load the machine into the work area. Before any other work can take place, the reel should already be loaded with the wire. Once this is done, the machine will be turned on and all that is required in order to start spinning is to turn the handle in a clockwise direction. As the wire is spun around the machine, various sizes and shapes of materials will be produced.